Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whiteboards in my office and Maikel

Maikel is a clean and order-loving guy, and I guess that's why he always cleans the board in our office regularly. This time, before he was in action, I managed to take a photo of the board.
The middle: In the middle ofthe board is a tutorial page from Sp!t newspaper on Netherlands Antilles. I liked it when I saw it last week during the coffee brak at 8th floor, and put it on the board. I learned thanks to this paper that there are 6 islands which form Netherlands Antilles. And, they are in two clusters of each being 3 islands. Then, they are very very close to Venezuella.

On the right: There are strange sketches made by me. We were discussing with Johan about 4-metabolite system part of my manuscript.

Below: Maikel told me that a ducth guy from 17th century was the father of microbiology. I asked him to write his name to the board. He is Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.

Above: Daniel was telling Maikel about the cupboard he had in his place from Ikea and how he oriented it. Additionally, he said that he wants to eat Veal for our planned roof party. I asked what veal is, and he told me that it is the name for cow meat.

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