Monday, May 26, 2008

Hectic Days

I had very busy days starting with last Wednesday.

Wednesday evening: I was at Sara and Vahid's place for dinner, to talk about our roof party organization. Sara cooked a very delicious pilav (rice), with minstmeat, safran and white cabbage on it (also onion and a little bit hot red paprika paste). I learned from them that they also have the classification of hot-food and cold-food like in India. I asked if this classification is accessible in official books or so, and they replied : 'No, you just ask your grandma..'

Thursday: I was at Sonnenburgh (Utrecht) for chemometrics meeting. The location was very nice- an observatory. On the way at Amstel Station, I bumped to Gooitzen, and later Huub joined us and we went together. I also met a turkish PhD student from Nijmegen. Bulent told me that he works on support vector machines.
During the lunch break, there was a tour in the observatory; and I learned that it was a dutch person who found out that the air moves from high-pressure area to low-pressure areas in circular way, not in linear paths (like we see in for example).

Friday: In the morning, I was at OLVG for a short check. In the afternoon, we had the causality meeting, this time on DBNs (dynamic bayesian networks) with Age, Margriet, Johan, Huub, Daniel and me. Afterwards, we had our roof party at Funenpark. Very nice moments.

Saturday: We went to Den Haag, to Gurchay and Olga's place to watch Fatih Akin's last movie, Auf der anderen seite.

Sunday: we had a barbecue lunch with Vahid and Sara, partly on the roof (although it was partly raining weakly), and partly in my place. It was surprising that they could correctly pronounce and knew about our former female prime minister, Tansu Chiller.

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'No, you just ask your grandma..'

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