Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Pandas at WKZ

This morning, there was unusual children screams coming from outside. Margriet, Inge and I went to the window to check: what a surprise! There was one panda outside. And after a while, I realized that there was another one.. And pandas were surrounded by many children.

Margriet told me that this was actually organized once every year to test the behavioural normality of children from schools at Utrecht.

Throughout the day, there were many children groups, but the pandas and the story was the same:

Somehow, something happens to one of them and it falls down. Then children start screaming "Ambulance, Ambulance !!!!". And, ambulancemen hear those screams and they show up in the accident area within one minute!
They examine the patient panda, apply first aid, and they take a stretcher from the ambulance. Then they call the panda: "Bear, beaar !"

Sick panda hears this and comes and lies on the stretcher...

How funny, all of us laughed and enjoyed a lot today in the office.

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