Monday, May 19, 2008

Research at UMC Utrech

Research Meeting at WKZ
Today, I checked my cycling time to Amstel Station: 14 minutes!. The whole path is 3.4 kilometers according to fietsplanner.

I came to my office at around 07:55, and sent Maikel an e-mail immediately saying that I was earlier at work than him :)

Then we had a research meeting with Age, Margriet and Johan; and it was a very satisfactory one. Thanks God, i have such nice supervisors. During the meeting, Age told me that you can understand the direction of the wind by licking your indexfinger and holding it in the air (with 20-30% deviation though).
He also referred to a former PhD student who had 50th version of his manuscript at the end!. Then, in one of the latest versions, Age showed him a group of sentences saying that he liked the style of those sentences a lot, and he wants all the manuscript written in the same way. The answer of PhD student was : 'Well, you had added those sentences to the manuscript ten versions ago'.

I also saw pictures of Age-Margriet's new house, and told Margriet "Sit there by laughing and laughing" ('gule gule otur' in turkish).

Quite Unusual Genetic Algorithm Settings
I sent my genetic algorithm settings for my static jacobian problem to Kaustubh, and in return, he wrote me in gtalk:

"hmm the GA setting is quite unusual"

I laughed a lot, then he called me and told me how to change my code to have a usual GA code :).

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