Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the way to transform to a Dutch Cyclist

Yesterday, after shopping in the Albert Heijn near the mill De Grooijer, I heard my mobile ringing just after I have turned to Cruquiskade on my bike. I have checked my back, there was no cyclist coming.
Then, I did it..

For the first time, while cycling, I answered the mobile! One of my hands was on one handle, and I was holding the mobile with my other hand, and cycling through Cruquiskade next to the kanal houses.

It was Alfonso, and we talked for a minute or so.

This means that I am transforming to become a Dutch cyclist.. I felt really excited afterwards. I could not believe that I did that..

But there are a couple of things that I have to achieve for full transformation:
1- I have to find a dog, and pull it with me while cycling.
2- I have to find a baby, put him/her into the front or back of my bike, and talk with my mobile at the same time.
3- I have to cycle with none of my hands being on the handles. If my hands are not totally free but instead I hold a box which is at the back of my bike, this would be a plus.
4- I have to cross in red traffic lights in the rush hours.
5- I have to go in the opposite direction in the bike paths (I do this only on the way back from Javastraat, but this has to be done in the central places).
6- I have to smoke while cycling.

Then I can be a real dutch cyclist...


Sara said...

This was a really good post.
It has style.

A Touch of Dutch said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! I've been taking a look around through your blog, and I'm really enjoying what I am reading.

I have your blog added to my favorites!

tunahan said...

Thanks a lot Isabella!

And I have a 7th requirement by the way:

7- I have to cycle with one hand while having a spare bike with me with the other hand (this I saw multiple times..)

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