Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is like a book paradise

I wanted to go to center today for a small shopping. But on the way at Waterlooplein, I noticed the bookstands, and I stopped and started to walk around.

Oh, my God! So huge bookmarket! Book stands were all around Waterlooplein till Mr. Visserplein and till Nieuwmarket.

I spent about 4 hours there, and bought some cheap books:

The name of the rose (umberto eco): 2.5 euros (Sadullah's request)
Awakenings (Oliver Sack): 4 euros (Inge had strongly advised me his books, saying that he writes about his experiences with his patients)
Alice's Adventures (Lewis Carroll): 4 euros (since Kiran had lots of quotations from this book in his thesis, and said that the book was one of his favorites)
A spot of bother (Mark Haddon) : 5 euros (I really loved his previouos book- the curious incident of the dog in the night time-)
The undutchables (dutch book): 2.5 euros (I bought this just to have a dutch book)
Nederland voor hunderd jaar (dutch book published in 1959) : few euros (just to have an old dutch book about netherlands)
Jip en Janneke 1 (Annie Schmidt) : 2 euros (Heyy! this was the last book I bought. I had to walk a long way to find a Jip-en-Janneke seller.)
the 30-second golf swing: 1 euro (for Johan)

While strolling among book stands, I heard one of lady strollers saying to one bookseller "This is really a book paradise."

And later I learned that this was the biggest book market on the world, with the total length of stands being about 5 kilometers.

And I have seen this creature among the stands on the way from Waterlooplein to Nieuwmarkt. The child seems to afraid of it.

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