Sunday, May 18, 2008

Coot nest near Halverstad Bridge

On Friday, around 6 PM, I suddenly heard the emergency alarm, and then an announcement has followed in dutch, english, german and french saying that everybody had to leave the building.

At first, I was in panick somehow, remembering the fire in one of the buildings of TuDelft few days ago, but then felt relieved when I saw few other people on the stairs.

When I was outside and about to leave with my bike, I have noticed an eurasian coot (I checked the turkish name: sakarmeke or su tavugu -water chicken-, and the dutch name is meerkoet) nest on a floating surface on the canal. The parents even had one chick!.

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tunahan said...

I have found the following webpage today:

Very nice story of cootlings; how they were raised by their parents etc..

It also has very nice pictures.

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