Sunday, May 11, 2008

cycling and cycling..

Yesterday I went to Flevopark for the first time for cycling. I did not know that it was that close. It was just at the very end of Javastraat (or Zeeburgerdijk). And it was way bigger than Oosterpark.

Today I left my 30 C-hot house to come to UvA. I was planning to go to Oosterpark first, and cycle there a while, and then come to UvA. On the way I have changed the plan. I was on Mauritskade, and I just wanted to cycle straight ahead, in a Forrest-Gump manner in a way.. I passed through several traffic-lights, and then continued on cycling straight ahead again. After a while, I decided that it was enough, and I have taken a photograph in that location (called van Oldenbarneveldt plein).
Now I have checked the whole route i made from my place to the place on the phote on google map: and I realized that I was about to make a complete turn around Amsterdam.
On the way back, I made a tour in Vondelpark. Compared to my first experience on Queen's Day, it was not that crowded for sure. But still, it was full of people cycling, walking, jogging, lying on the sun ...

And, it was very amazing to see a man on a two-storey bike there!. I still cannot figure out how he managed to sit on the 'second floor' to start the ride..

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