Monday, May 26, 2008

Elevator Stories

Last Wednesday, on the elevator back from tea-coffee break outside at open air, I remembered my amazement when I saw the following notice in the elevators in my first days at UvA : 'U bevindt zich in lift'. It is similar to german, So, I understood that it said "you are in elevator". 'What a strange and stupid comment', I was thinking, 'Of course I am in the elevator'..

Then, days later, I realized that there was something under this remark, saying "B4" or a similar label. I then realized that the exact expression was : 'You are in elevator B4'. So, in case of emergency, you can call related number and tell in which elevator you are..

I told this story to Olja, Daniel and Gooitzen in the elevator. And Daniel shared another funny elevator story with us: He was in the elevator and suddenly heard that the emergency phone on the lift was ringing. He decided to take it. The person on the other side was asking 'Is that the student desk?', and he answered: 'No, this is elevator B5.'

It must be very funny to hear something like this when you call a place :)

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