Wednesday, May 28, 2008


From the Sidelines of today's Dutch News:
"The right-of-centre VVD party is offering to exhibit the work of cartoonist Gergorius Nekschot in its parliamentary quarters in The Hague. The party wants to make a stand for free speech.

Nekschot (a pseudonym) was recently arrested and questioned about the alleged racist nature of his cartoons. Some of the cartoons in question were recently re-published. They were ugly and insulting: one showed a fat Muslim riding on the back of the welfare state. One wonders if the VVD would come to the rescue of a Muslim cartoonist in the Netherlands portraying Dutch politicians as fat parasites feeding on populist anti-Muslim sentiment? And what would their reaction have been if Nekschot had substituted Jews for Muslims in his cartoons? Who is
going to see the VVD exhibition, anyway?

If Nekschot has broken the law then he should be punished. If not, then let him continue. His
heavy-handed arrest by the police was unnecessary and has made him a martyr.

And as for the ridiculous nature of VVD’s gallery for free speech….now that would make a good cartoon."

I completely agree with the parts I colored with green. VVD is the dutch liberal party by the way. And it is the second larges opposition party in the parliament according to the uncle Wiki.

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Anonymous said...

Owing to the dynamics of political party sizes, VVD is no longer to be considered a large opposition party if elections were held today.
On the comment of action on Dutch politicians as fat parasites, this group is not a minority, hence this would not create a similar uproar.

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