Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Day in Utrecht

Inge and Accidents
This Morning, Inge told me about the unfortunate traffic accident Hans and Britt had in France. Luckily, they were not injured at all. And she also told me an accident she had witnessed years ago: The woman in the car was crying after the accident "It was only a fly, it was only a fly!"; and later they learned that the driver wanted to send a fly who landed onto his hand away, and he just shook his hand; and this caused him to lose the wheel control. Luckily, there was not any causalty.

You never know, you have a life with everything proceeding in order; and suddenly in a second your day, your life changes completely...

2nd Days of Pasen and Pinksteren
Today, Margriet told me that she did not have any idea on why those holidays were 2 days. She joked that it could be because Netherlands is a religious country :)

At the end of our 40-minute walk in the woods (and almost in the wild), Tjeerd told me about ijsvogel and how beautiful it was. I later realized that that was the bird Maikel was talking about last week. It is from the same family as crow (Karga in turkish); yet it is so beautiful with blue and orange colors. Tjeerd told me that it can be seen in Oostvaardersplassen. I then remembered that Maikel had told me that they are also in east Amsterdam (referring to Huub).

And I have checked turkish name of the bird. It has a very funny name! Yalicapkini :) . And it looks that they are seen in Izmir.

PhD Comics
I liked today's PhD comics a lot!.

Holiday in Antarctica
Margriet told me that the only two countries she had not been are Australia and Antarctica. I considered the Antarctica part as a joke first. But then she said that there were rich people going to Antarctica for holiday, to walk around and to see penguins etc..

During my lunch in the coffee room, I read in the newspaper Dag that the futbol team Herenveen won the right to play in next year's UEFA cup. And I learned that Herenveen was a Frisian team.
I already knew that:
Ajax : Amsterdammers
Feyenoord: Rotterdammers
PSV: Eindhoveners (this was already obvious since Eindhoven is included in the official name of the team)

And I had read that it was in a way strange that The Hague, being the political capital of the country, was not in the 1st Leauge. But maybe this is also related to the fact that The Hague is not officially a city but a town. This, I learned from an episode of Laura Speaks Dutch podcast.

I asked Kaustubh if there is any "God of Evil" in Indian religions, and he directed me to Wiki entry of Rakshasa.
It looks that it is not a god, but an evil spirit. It says in Wiki that Rakshasas are man-eaters with venomous fingernails, they feed on human flesh. How awful!

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