Sunday, May 18, 2008

Table Tennis

On Friday, during the lunch, Ewout told me and Gooitzen that it is easy to hit the ball when you are away from the table for few meters. The most difficult thing, he said, is to hit the ball when you are close to table. He said that you cannot see if your opponent hits the ball with a backspin of forwardspin in this case. This is very important to know since it determines your hitting method/style. So, you have to make a decision within one milisecond about how the oppponent hit, and if your decision is wrong you lose since the ball will go to an unexpected place.

Then in the afternoon, he showed me a website where he appears in the available photos while playing table tennis.

By the way, I have realized that the way I write 'Ewout' is different than the way he writes (Ewoud). But I am not saying that I write it wrong since it is not an official name anyway.

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Sara said...

"... since it is not an official name anyway"

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