Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the "Short Spoon" Street ...

On Friday afternoon, Daniel, Ewout, Maikel and I have sat in front of Torino restaurant at the Kortelepel street for drink and dinner, and of course chatting..

Dutch Kids and Rabbits

I learned that it is a general Dutch habit to buy a rabbit or a guinea pig for your kid. This, I learned while Daniel was explaining Ewout that he had to cut his daughter's rabbit's nails. It is funny that Ewout promised his daughter about buying a rabbit for her when the weather gets nice - hoping that it will not happen soon. I guess "when the weather gets nice" is something like "when it snows red" here as we sometimes say in Turkey. But, unexpectedly, it happened and we are having 20-25 C weather since last week.

Dutch Moms and their PhD-doing Kids
It was quite relieving to hear from Daniel (and Ewout) that even they, as Dutch Phd students, had difficulty to tell their moms about what they were doing as part of PhD project.

Do we have enough space on the earth?
Daniel said that if each person in the world is given 1 m2 square area- much larger than the space it occupies :) - then the whole 6-billion population could be located in a 6,000 km2 area; which is a little bit larger than the province Brabant.

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