Saturday, June 28, 2008

The board of the week

The above board photo is about two-weeks old. I took the photo and erased the board, also removed the Antilles-tutorial.

On the left is a barbecue drawn by Ewoud, a stick-man drawn by Maikel, and the smoke drawn by me. The drawings were made in the same day we had our BBQ party in Funenpark roof with the group. There are also some notes regarding my Cheesy epiphany. On the lower left is the names of magpies, crows and their dutch versions, due to a discussion with Maikel. Other drawings below the Antilles-tutorial is by Maikel I guess, I do not have any idea.

Filipe's board
Filipe had written a farewell-message to our board in office C7.12, in Portuguese. It is still on the board, and I asked Serge to take a photo of the board few days ago. Even the green drawings he made for christmas is partly there.

I thought it would be nice to put this here, to give Filipe another proof that he had really been here, spent times here..

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filipe said...

Is it still there?! :)

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