Thursday, June 19, 2008

Green Stuff for Filipe

Filipe had arrived in September. Then, he was sad when the trees that we saw when we looked at outside from our office started to lose their leaves in autumn. The view was more or less like this:
And Filipe said "How sad, I won't see them to be green again.." He left us in January.

Few weeks ago, Maikel was looking at outside from office, and he said to me : "Hey, why don't you take pictures of these green trees and send to Filipe?"

I liked the idea and took the following picture..
Now, I will send him an e-mail. "Hey Kid", I will write to him: "No need to worry anymore. Check out this link and you will be happy."

1 comment:

tunahan said...

Daniel just told me via gmail-talk that 'green stuff' is actually used to refer to 'cannabis'.
Funny to know :)

In this sense, the title says "Cannabis for Filipe" :D :D.
(of course this is not what I meant!)

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