Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chatting with Mehmet Şen, constructing bridges to my a-decade-earlier inner world

Yesterday evening, I prepared the stuffed paprikas (dolma) for my today's guests. While they were in the cooking-phase, I decided to call Mehmet Şen. It was about 12 PM (or should I say AM? Once we had discussed this with Maikel. I guess the correct way of saying is 12 AM for midnight).

I am glad that I did so.

He mentioned about many things. Listening to him was in a way making a journey to bachelor years, remembering the moments with full of tranquility spent with nice friends in nice places. I guess we stopped at about 1:15 AM when I checked the stuffed paprikas, and saw them they were cooked (meaning that I could sleep). He told me many things among which was to ask me to call Murat more often. He said that he works on the structure determination of a protein called Integrin.

Thanks God, I have such friends. Such friends that, even if we do not have any contact for a long time, I can call them I can talk to them very closely; I can feel the brotherhood in their voice... Thanks God!

And thanks to Lebara too, for making it cheaper to call US numbers :)

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