Friday, June 27, 2008

EK and Turkey

I watched Croatia and Germany matches, the first voluntary watching after the semi-final with Brazil in 2002.

I was in my office during Croatia game. I called Daniel after we scored the goal, and also talked to Saadet, sharing our joy. Then I called Maikel, and I was talking to him during penalties.

It was very pleasing to see turkish people around horning in their cars with turkish flags when I left UvA at around 11:30 PM for home.

The next day (the last saturday), I went to Studio-K to see Russia-Netherlands game. It is in Borneostraat, next to the Stayokay hotel.

For semi-final, I was in Mavi Köşk in Javaplein.
I saw the following car during the break, parked nearby.
It was an interesting experience to watch the game there; to see the people's reactions; much stronger than the reactions of dutch at Studio-K.

And the following photo was in the front page of yesterday's Metro: Turken in rouw. "Turken in Amsterdam zijn in rouw na de goal van Philipp Lahm" it says.
Today, the lady (echocardiographist) at AMC said that she was very sorry that Turkey was out of the cup. She added that she really would very much want to apply an echocardiographic scan to our coach :).

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