Friday, June 27, 2008

How to call your mom and dad if you live in Holland..

Mohammad had told me and Donatella on the JN Reunion day that he had heard that danish teenagers would call their parents with their first names. Donatella had said that that was not the case in Italy.

I had the opportunity to ask about this to Suzanne and Daniel just few minutes ago.

First I asked Suzanne how she called her parents-in-law. "Just with their first name", she said. I was surprised. She added that although many people use "ma" and "pa", it is getting more common to use their first names.

Then she said that even there are people (some of her friends) who call their own parents with their first names. Daniel and Suzanne, however, do not have this habit..

Over the chat in front of their office, I learned that this sunday Suzanne will be away from Fiona for the first time overnight. So, she was a bit anxious. By the way, finally, I dared to take Fiona to my arms yesterday for the first time.

In the meanwhile, I verified that Daniel's 85-year old grandma could use laptop to send e-mails. I said "even my mother cannot do it". To my surprise, Suzanne's mom cannot do it either :).

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