Friday, June 13, 2008

Drops Torture: the poor dutch people ....

Daniel showed up in front of our office with a box of what-he-calls "drops".

Drops are traditional dutch candies.. Well, it is probably wrong to call them as "candies" since they are not sweet.

He and Maikel encouraged me to taste two types of drops from his box: a pyramide-shape brownish one, and a black-man shape.

I bit a small part from both of them; and i had to throw the rest into the garbage bin! So strange taste! I have drunk water afterwards, and ate one Halley chocolate-biscuit; but still the strange taste was in my mouth!

In the afternoon, I was in their office, and Daniel told Suzanne how strange my facial expression was when I tried the drops. I told them that I really feel a pity for dutch people since they had to eat these disgusting-tasting candies. Daniel gave me some drops to give Suzanne after realizing that his pushings for me to taste it again would not work at all. So, I took some drops and gave Suzanne. She said that the way I hold them was very similar to the way she holds Fiona's diapers.

Suzanne made a search on internet and found out that they had found drops even in Tutankamon's grave. I reacted by saying "Then, we managed to produce the new tastes from then on over centuries and switched to them; but you poor dutch could not make any improvement and still have to eat the same thing."

Crazily enough, Daniel said that drops would be one thing he would really miss if he goes abroad. Coffee and peanut butter was the other two.

Actually, I remembered that I had tasted one months ago from Margriet. They include ammonium chloride. Its taste was not that strong; but still I did not like it at the time either.

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tunahan said...

Ewoud had given me a set of dutch foods as good-bye present, among which there was also drops.

When I was back from Holland, I had visiting relatives to say to me "welcome from Holland" and "goodbye to Military service". I served drops to them: result was as I expected: they agreed with me.

Now comes the surprise: Last week, my mum was here in Balikesir to attend our "swearing ceremony" (where we become real soldiers). After the ceremony, we were chatting about this and that. She suddenly took that bag of drops from her bag out: "I love them! I wish you brought more of this" she said, while I was looking at her in totally amazed mode.

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