Friday, June 13, 2008

Dinner at Komme Nieuwegracht

Age came to my office during the day and made the following sketch on the board, explaining me how to get to their place.They have a very nice house! The roof has a garden-like balcony. The tower of the famous church is very visible from the balcony, very close. They said that this will probably be the selling point of the house. They have a very big piano in the living room, whose fame I had already heard during the new-house-finding stage. Age told us how they had to get this huge piano inside through the window of the kitchen by first removing the whole window frame. At that time, he wanted to use the word "crane". He could not remember it and he brought a dictionary to the dining table. It was funny to have dinner with occasional dictionary checks..

One of the rooms had graffiti on one wall. Age told us that it was his nephew who asked permission for this, and he agreed; and he liked it at the end.

The house is furnished in such a way that one can think that they have already packed everything for moving to the new place. There was hardly furnitures around. I liked it. It is totally opposite of traditional turkish furnishing where houses are full of unnecessary things, leading to almost no place to walk around freely. This was also what I saw and liked in Inge and Hans's house.

It was interesting to see that the walls were full of interesting picture frames. Inge said that she found the picture in the bedroom very scary.

The dinner dish was very delicious too. Halal meat balls with tasty sauce, served with boiled potato, carrot and spinach. I also liked the dessert they served: strawberrries with a very tasty sauce: mix of a soft cheese type with lemon juice and honey. I will ask Margriet the recipe.

Together with Inge and Hans, we talked about many different issues. The chatting was about many different things from books to music to photography to alcohol dehydrogenase located in stomach... In the meanwhile, Margriet and Inge told the others how they had taught me how to make a typical dutch conversation using "Wat schuift het?" and "dikke neuse"..
:) ...

Inge and Hans talked about their french neighbour. She still uses ashes to make her bed warm before sleeping. "She leaves in 19th century" was the comment. It is interesting to hear that there are still such westerners.

Inge said that the dutch laws require that everybody has to have a certain office space. She said "For instance, I should have 12 m2 office space, and you 2" returning to Margriet. I was surprised why Margriet's space right is so little according to laws. "Probably it is because she has just obtained a permanent position" I thought. Then I realized that Inge had actually said "you too..".

The house had full of plants. I forgot to ask Margriet if she really does not touch any of them.

Overall it was nice moments.. We left at around quarter past ten, and I was home at 23:45, cycling from amstel station..

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