Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birding in Amsterdam

I went to my place for a short while to meet Alfonso since he is going for a long holiday, and also to have my dinner.

I prepared a for-me-unusual salad for dinner:
mix of boiled/squeezed potatos, tuna fish, iceberg salad, tomato, and mix of olive oil, lime juice and pomegranate sauce..

I plan to go for birding in amsterdam this saturday. I guess birding more means observing birds with binoculars; but I will do it by naked eye. I plan to borrow a camera with optic zoom function to photograph them.

List of birds that I already knew and that appear around

List of birds with which I met here for the first time
Egyptian goose (in vondelpark)

List of Birds I want to meet & see
Eurosian Jay
Great Grebe

Some of these birds are already everywhere, and some of them are in the parks in the city; about 10-15 min. of cycling from the center of Amsterdam..

In this sense, this is unbelievable for Istanbul. You can go to a distance of 15 min. cycling from a central place, and you see all of those birds? No way! ...

I was checking the turkish names of some of these birds; and just few minutes ago; I realized that starling was actually "Sığırcık" !!. I heard the name of this bird many times in stories, novel; but never seen it. The name in turkish means "little cattle"; so I always had strange imaginations about the bird. However, it is just a small cute bird!

I also found this very interesting video on the internet: the dance of starlings: from Kutahya in Turkey

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