Saturday, June 28, 2008

BBQing again

I wanted to check the barbecue before going to shopping; but it was not anywhere in the roof! I told Vahid, and we had a search in the whole building, we could not find it.

We decided to use the tablegrill- the christmas gift of UvA. I called Emrah in the meanwhile. Then he called back and said that they will bring a barbecue grill.

They brought a newly-bought bucket barbecue. We have grilled lambs, sucuks, red paprikas, and marinated chicken wings I had bought from iranian supermarket at Dapperstraat yesterday. Or to be more correct, Emrah and Çağrı were our barbecue-guys.

We also had bulgur salad, prepared in my place with the help of Sara; and a pasta-salad by Sara.

How to marinate chicken
I took recipe from Sara, who took it from the guy in iranian supermarket. I modified it a bit.
  • Mix kip kruid (chicken spice) with olive oil so that they form a paste
  • Add a bit pomegranate sauce
  • Apply the paste to the chicken wings
  • Put the wings into a container with chopped onions
  • Leave them marinate.
Seven of us spent very nice time together in the roof, and later in my place for drinking tea and eating pumpkin seeds.

It was very funny to discover words which were common in all three languages: iranian, turkish and greek. Tiryaki (addicted) and hamal were two of them. Yorgos told me that they have surnames like "Kuyumcu", but people do not know that they are turkish words. They even say "yalanci sarma" (fake wrapping), an exactly turkish name, for rice wrapped with grape leaves. They call it fake since that dish does not include meat. Funny to know :)

I am glad that I met Yorgos. This was the first time in my life that I chatted with a greek person. He is such a nice person. Very open-minded, with very turkish appearance. I learned that he was from Mora peninsula, the hand-like part of Greece; and this part is actually an island now since there is a canal to make ship transport easier between western and eastern part of the country.

Gözde said that she was accepted to a program in Amsterdam for the next internship. It was also good to hear that she very much enjoyed the time spent together. I will talk to her to convince her to take more serious decisions on her future life :).

I found the following receipt in one of the bags Emrah and Çağrı:

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