Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snapshots from BDA group

Yesterday, I asked Age if he has been used to working at UvA whole week. He said that he had done this for 11 years, and it is easy for him to pick up things.

When I went to his office for our research meeting at 4 PM, he was talking with Margriet. Later, he referred to the word 'mopperen', something dutch people generally do. Since he did not remember english word for this and he did not have any dictionary in his office, he wrote the word for me on a paper.
I checked from today: it means 'grumbling'

Oh my God! It has been about 11 months since I met Suzanne; and I today realized that I did not know how to correctly pronounce her name!

I should have realized actually, since I already know that letter "u" is pronounced ın Dutch as letter "ü" in Dutch in Turkish and German. . The turkish or german "u" corresponds to "oe" in Dutch. That's why they write "Istanboel", not "Istanbul"; and "Poetin", not "Putin".

But I always pronounced her name as "Su", as if it was written as "Soezanne". Today, I realized after hearing Maikel's short pronounciation "Suus!" and asked him. it is "Sü" he said. I went to Suzanne's office to verify; yeah Maikel was right (again). I will address her as "Süzanne" (in turkish spelling) from now on.

School holiday season in Holland
Ewoud told me during the tea-coffee break in the afternoon that Jill still attended the school and the school holiday would start next week.

I was surprised since I thought that all schools were already in holiday season.

He said that the country has three zones for school holidays. First zone schools start in the beginning of June, then the second zone schools, and the last zone is the first week of July. "This is to make the holiday season longer" he said, "and to prevent overloadings, crowdedness etc". Interesting.

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