Thursday, July 24, 2008

from BDA group....

Tessa at hairdresser
Olja was here surprisingly at noon to print the final version of her thesis. I asked how Tessa was doing. "Perfect" she said, "with funny comments." And she told what happened few days ago:

Tessa was looking at her photos taken when she was baby. She was born without any noticeable hair. Her comment to the photos was: "Hmmm. I must have gone to a hair dresser before I was born"

Daniel is defending soon
His comment two days ago in gtalk when I told him about my leave soon was : "just imagine the time i save NOT chatting to you man ... this phd is almost done" :)

And today he was here just to say goodbye to me although he had taked today off. Thanks God I have made such nice friends here. While we were chatting in the coffee corner of 8th floor, Ewoud joked that I would have to wake up at 3 AM, and run for 2 hours with 20 kg of bag in my back.

Thanks God ..
My biggest fear when I started my post-doc was about my new supervisors. After experiencing the incredible supervision of Prof. Jens Nielsen, and hearing about scary supervisors with no kind attitude towards the students, post-docs; I had found it risky to start in a research group with which I never had a contact before in any conferences or so. And, thanks God, all my dutch supervisors have turned out to be very kind, very nice people!. I guess that was why I was almost crying when Age and Margriet gave me a good-bye present after our research meeting today.

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