Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dimensionality Stories

I have dimensionality stories today from our group.

Two-dimensional Daniel
I never knew before that there were two-dimensional people. Daniel said that he cannot notice/see the third-dimension, the depth.

Maikel wrote "useless" onto the board by using the three board-pens at the same time. I found it interesting and added another "useless", and then "nice!" and "good!".

Maikel then said that we could see these writings in 3-D if we had 3-D glasses. Then we jumped to 3-D stereogram images in our deer-chat. Maikel found the following image from internet.
I was trying to see the dolphins here, and Daniel showed up with his cup in his hand. He said that he never can see hidden images in those 3-D stereograms since he is a 2-D person.

I was surprised. He had eye problem when he was a baby, and this was only noticed when he was 2. Had it been noticed when he was 1, he would regain his third-D view.

But the good thing is, he does not have any real disadvantage in his daily life other than difficulty to park cars into narrow streets with small parking places.

Multidimensional Gooitzen
I always thought Gooitzen as a (only) computational guy. During the tea/coffee break this afternoon at 8th floor, I learned during the short chat that:
  • He had PhD in Physical Chemistry
  • He had a post-doc in Oxford
  • He teaches Calculus to 1st year students
  • He also teaches Computational Systems Biology course with another instructor
  • He also teaches data analysis course
I was saying "vawww" "vaawwww" as I heard those one by one from him. I told him that he actually fitted very well to our group then with those multidimensional background.

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