Sunday, July 27, 2008

Library excursion

Yesterday at around 8 PM, the rain has stopped at last; and I left UvA to join Alfonso at the city library.

I am glad I did.

The entrance is free, and it is open seven days a week between 10:00-22:00. I regretted I did not discover it before. In fact, I remember Filipe telling me in his last week here that he had just been in the library the day before and it was unbelievably nice. I guess it was also the day he gave me the nice cute present.

Anyway, coming back to the library; I guess it is worth to go there just to see interior, the very interesting sitting places. There are beds with integrated computer screens; and you can lie and watch /listen music there, or read books.

There were so many different seat types! Each very interesting. I managed to take photos of a couple of them.

The whole building is 7 floors! And there is a restaurant at the top floor with a nice view. It was interesting that you did not feel any food smell till you arrive at the stairs to the top floor; and the smell exactly starts when you start climbing stairs.

And this bird was in the basement floor dedicated to education (onderweijs).

I guess, as Alfonso pointed out, this is also an ideal place to go to relax, read something. or even for free internet surfing since they have lots of computers with internet access.

If I knew the place before, I would go to there once e while to read books in the comfortoble seats they provide.


  • The library is very close to center, on the opposite side of NEMO; and it is nice to have an excursion there! to see its design etc!
  • It is also very close to the building where Stadelijk Museum is temporarily located (two buildings away I guess); and after the library excursion it can be very nice to go to 12th floor of this building to have a free and very nice view of all Amsterdam. We were once there with Maikel after having mint tea in the 11th floor at Club Eleven. We even managed to see towers from Schiphol airport!


Kelly said...

I'm a member of the Amsterdam Openbare Bibliotheek, even though I live in Almere. :)

My only complaint about the library is that the shelves are labelled very badly. When you're looking for a specific book, you might know which floor you need but it's hard to know where the section you need is. I spend ages wandering about looking for some books as I didn't know where they were kept. In the end I asked one of the library assistants to help me. ;)

A Touch of Dutch said...

Wow! What a library! Thanks for sharing about this :) And it's open 7 days per week, which is a cool bonus.

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