Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Little Ducks

We have started to have 20-minute walks with Tjeerd around WKZ. Yesterday, we walked through the woods across the hospital; really nice scenery. I learned from Tjeerd that 'weiland' is the dutch word for pasture.

Today, we wanted to take a different route in AZU direction. Just after having 100-200 steps, we heard bird sounds. Tjeerd said that the sound was coming from a manhole cover.

Managing to take the cover out, we saw two duck chicks in water about 70-80 cm deep. I caught them and put outside. They were so small!! They rushed to the stream nearby. We talked about feeding them, raising them, being their parents..

I have checked them in the afternoon, they were there, always moving together. I took a photo of them.

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