Monday, April 14, 2008

Dinner at Defne's & Hans' & Devin's

Yesterday, we were in Defne's & Hans' & Devin's place for dinner. It is funny that I have tasted the traditional Turkish (Mersin region) 'Yuksuk' soup and also 'Hunkar Begendi' (Sultan's Favourite as Hans translated it) for the first time in a foreign city, in Amsterdam. All delicious & well-cooked. I liked the 'borek' very much too, but forgot to ask its name. There was one more delicious thing in their house : the baby Devin :). He is about to walk now!.

Few hours before the dinner, I cycled to Kalverstraat for a small shopping; and on my way to UvA in return there was a sudden rain and hailing. I was completely wet in the few minutes while the hails were bumping and jumping on my head :).

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