Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yet another baby, Yet another birthcard

Yeah, little Fiona has a brother now: Egon ! Time is so fast!..

I had already posted a photo of Fiona's birthcard two years ago. And, Suzanne, very kindly, has sent me the birthcard of Fiona's two-week-old brother by mail.
I found the card veery lovely with that cute baby-carriage and spring motifs on it :) I really love this birthcard tradition !!!!!

Inside the card, there is a footnote saying "Wij rusten tussen twaalf en half vier". My duth is enough to understand all words except "rusten". With Daniel's help; I see what they say:
"We are resting between 12:00 and 15:30"
I only got what they mean by this by Daniel's help: "If you would like to visit us to see baby etc, do not come betwen these hours" they mean :)

Popularity of Dutch Names
Tjeerd has shared an interesting link in Facebook a while ago, which tells you how popular a name is in Holland. I have tried it for Suzanne's new baby:
So, the name "Egon" was relatively very popular till the end of 80's; then suddenly became a not-preferred name somehow.

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