Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three, no four huge tables on top of each other...

Isabella talked about Roadside Art in Holland in one of her recent posts in her A Touch of Dutch blog. Reading her post; what rushed into my mind immediately was how I described the way to my place in Funenpark to the first-time visitors.

"You will take tram 26 from Amsterdam Central Station; then you will leave the tram at the stop called Rietlandpark. What you will see there is three huge tables on top each other. Go to upstairs, and walk in such a direction where the tables would fall into your right. And,..... " I would tell.

And, usually, it would turn out that they did not notice the tables. Later when I showed them the tables, "Ugh, yes you had told, but we did not expect them in such a shape and size" they reacted :)

So, here is a photo of those strange tables.

As far as I remember, the one below the top one is wooden, with others being concrete. Actually, it took some time to me to realize that there were actually four of them. The bottom one is not noticeable from upstair level since it is on the same level with the ground.

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Wow, I love it! Thanks for sharing this :-) I am going to add this link on your blog to my blog to share as well. I wonder what the inspiration of this was for the stack of tables. Very cool!

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