Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Terrific Happy-Sugarfest Gift !!!

Today is the first day of our Ramadan fest, also known as Sugar/Candy fest. It comes after one month of fasting.

And, today, I got an extraordinary gift via e-mail from my former research group (BDA) in Amsterdam.

Heyyy! Daniel, Maikel, Suzanne, Age!!!!
I like each of you very much!
Thanks a lot for the big surprise! IT was something I will never forget!

The gift-message is:
uggh. DJ Vis even cannot spell my name, but I will ignore it once :D

Just below is the gift:
Yeahh, it is a photo. The portable board in the big office of 7th floor of building C of University of Amsterdam at Nieuwe Achtergracht 166; and a plant..

Then, you zoom into the photo to get what is interesting about it:

It is a Zamioculcas (also known as ZeeZee plant): Gift of Suzanne when she visited my place last year during a Ramadan dinner (iftar). I left it into her office when I left Holland.

Today, in the morning, I asked Daniel if the plants I left there were doing OK. He referred to this plant and wrote to me:
"That larger plant is doing well. I felt she (Suzanne) should care for it better, so I labeled that plant "Fiona II". Apparently, that works, now it is getting sufficient water"

And I got the gift photo in the afternoon: Yeah the ZeeZee plant has that label as Daniel told me; and it looks very OK. Apparently, Daniel's trick seems to work :D, Suzanne takes it as a second daughter..
The Board
Thanks again! I had just e-mailed Daniel today a photo of mine from our swearing-in ceremony where I appear in the military officer clothes. It looks he printed it and posted in the middle of the board. "Mr. T says Hi" wrote on the top..

And then, Maikel, Daniel, Suzanne and Age signed the board ;-)

Well, lots of signatures are missing. They even have a report on this on the right side of the board:

and Thanks God! Thanks for the opportunity to have my post-doc there, with such nice people around!


Maikel said...

I'm sure Ewoud was not cooking the Gourcette soup. But the worst thing is that Sorbonne (and I do not mean the Parisian University) has stopped serving Unox (Unilever) soup.

tunahan said...


Heyy, usually people complain about the food at military life. But I can guarantee that the lunches/dinners we have here is MUCH better than what Sorbonne offers at Univ. of Amsterdam :)

(My main problem was the flavours used. I really wonder how they manage to spoil the taste with those weird flavours/sauces)

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