Monday, August 4, 2008

Only a physical farewell...

Everything has an end.. And my stage in Netherlands had an end too.. And that end was on last Saturday..

I had some other things on my mind:
  • We had already started our inter-faith activities; and I would very much wanted to go on with it..
  • I like inviting people over dinner or lunch . I was going to invite Andreas Karoly Gombert from Delft with his family for a dinner (or BBQ at our roof); and Yvonne and Eric from Eindhoven, Saadet and Daniel, Tjeerd and his girlfriend, Isabella and her husband, Kelly and S, Johan from WKZ ... I was going to have Olja and Hans meet Defne and Hans, and talk about raising kids with parents from different lands... We were going to have another BBQ at Funenpark roof with all my Amsterdam research group.
  • I really wanted to go to some museums, to Artis zoo .... We were going to have a bike tour with Maikel, have a stroll in Pijp area of Amsterdam.. this and that..
I had started my dutchistan dairies not because of the urge to be read by others, but solely for myself. I did not want my good memories in Netherlands to fade away over years. I preferred to write them online and in english, however, so that other people may learn from my experiences; I would be helpful to them somehow; and also to force my english writing skills. And also, I thought it would also be a nice site for people I have spent times together to remember our nicely spent moments together..

And leaving the country does not mean that I won't write anymore. it is only a physical end I would say. Thanks to internet, i will stay in touch with those nice people I had the chance to meet in Amsterdam. I will still read Isabella's, Kelly's and Tjeerd's blogs, which will help me to keep up with the dutch life there. And I still receive DutchNews newsletters, this will make me updated with dutch daily agenda.. And, there are many moments here that make me remember my dutch life. There are recipes I want to get from dutch friends and try.. So, all such things will certainly help me go on writing my dairies here: the ones related to my dutch experiences, my dutch life.....

Thanks God; I had this chance to meet such wonderful people, to experience such wonderful moments in this country.


A Touch of Dutch said...

Thanks very much for always visiting my blog too :) It is wonderful you shared with everyone your experiences living in the Netherlands, and I hope to read more of your journeys in the future!

Nina said...

Hi Tunahan,

Tjeerd told me so much about you and he really didn't like it that you had to leave.
Hopefully you don't have to be a soldier for too long, and maybe you can come back to the Netherlands?
We will of course keep reading your weblog to see how you're doing!

Greetings, Nina

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